3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Flight Academy

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There are a few things as equally challenging and rewarding as being a pilot. You get to go on amazing aerial adventures, can travel across the world for work, and have a lot of incredible opportunities and experiences. Plus, it’s a useful and interesting skill that you will have a lot of fun honing.

Choosing a flight school is one of the most important decisions you can make as a student-to-be. It can really make a difference, so make sure you choose one that fits your budget and offers the right classes and training modules you need to get your licence. There are a lot of choices across the country, but here are the top 3 things to consider to help narrow down your options.

What Is The Cost Of A Pilot’s Licence?

We can’t deny that getting a pilot’s licence isn’t the cheapest endeavour, but it’s a small cost compared to the amazing opportunities that open up for you after you finish your last exam. Flight academy costs will vary depending on the location, licence, type of training program, and many other factors.

Joining a major airline’s cadet program can easily cost upwards of 80-90 thousand dollars. Undergoing a university flight training program can also rack up a big price tag with its yearly tuition and flying costs. A dedicated flight academy like Bunbury Flying School can provide you with the same level of knowledge and confidence but at a fraction of the cost.

Our pilot licence fees range from $9,500 for a recreational pilot licence to $38,000 for a commercial pilot licence. Each course qualifies you for the next level, so you can get cheaper rates for further training.

You should also check if the flight academy of your choice has financing options for your course. Many private and public institutions offer scholarships. You could also look into the VET Student Loan Program, a government initiative that sponsors qualified flight students.

The Flight Academy Location

While going to a flight school near you is, of course, ideal, that isn’t the only thing you need to consider when thinking about location. Location can really make a difference, not just in cost but in your overall learning experience.

Flight academies in major cities are usually more expensive and have busier airspace than those in other areas. Some flight schools specialise in controlled or uncontrolled airspace, but its best to learn in a mix of both. That way, you can learn the basics alongside practical skills that you can apply when you’re flying for real.

Bunbury Flying School operates in the Bunbury Airport which boasts a much quieter airspace than busy Perth. You get distraction and fear-free learning while also learning the right tools for the trade. We even have nearby accommodation for students who live outside the area.

What Is The Course Structure? What Will I Learn?

A flight school can offer different classes and course structures to fit your schedule and needs. Depending on your learning style and how much time you can dedicate to it, either a Part 61 or Part 141 course could be beneficial for you. Both will help you earn a licence but in very different ways.

Part 61 is a more flexible and modular training program. Your instructor will be able to adapt the curriculum to fit your learning pace and interests. This is a great option for hobbyists and part-timers or for those with a more relaxed learning style.

Part 141 schools have a more rigid, strict course syllabus. Choose this if you can go full-time or prefer fast-paced, intense courses.

Bunbury Flying School offers both diploma and licencing courses. Whether you need a recreational, private, or commercial licence, we can help! We also have additional ratings and endorsements training in case you want to take your training further. Classes are available to part-time and full-time students.

Once you’ve decided to take the leap, the right flight academy can help you achieve your dreams. Start your journey to a licence with Bunbury Flying School. Contact us at (08)9725 4145 or info@bunburyflyingschool.com to learn more about our pilot courses.

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