• Blair Howe
    Blair Howe CEO of Bunbury Flying School

    Blair has owned and operated a large range of aircraft ranging from Cessna 150s to a Douglas DC3.  His aim was to establish a flying school where students are taught to be safe and proficient pilots, while getting real value for money.

    • Adam Levay
      Adam Levay CFI Head of Operations

      Adam is a flight examiner for RPL(A), PPL(A), MEIR, META, FIR, IRTA and has over 19,000 hours on Charter, Instructional and International Flying

      • Pam Ray
        Pam Ray Administrator

        Pam is the Quality Manager, and also responsible for HR, Accounts and General Administration. She is our “Main Vein” as Blair would say!

        • Patrick Meier
          Patrick Meier Grade 1 and Multi-Engine Instructor

          Patrick is a Grade 1 Flight Instructor who also specialises in Aerobatic and Multi-Engine Instrument Training.

          • Kerry Forth
            Kerry Forth Administration
            • Katie Hesson
              Katie Hesson Administration
              • Peter Arian
                Peter Arian Grade 2 Instructor

                Peter holds a Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating and teaches students Pilots from RPL up to CPL and Multi-Engine. He also holds a current American CPL with ME IFR rating, and specialises in FAA-CASA CPL Conversions.

                Peter is also our Adventure Flight Pilot in the Nanchang.

                • Brad Smith
                  Brad Smith Grade 2 Instructor

                  Brad has worked in all aspects of the Aviation Industry. He shares his time at BFS as Flight and Ground Instructor and has recently been appointed our Safety Manager.

                  • Simon Audrain
                    Simon Audrain Grade 2 Instructor

                    Simon is a Grade 2 Flight Instructor

                    • Liam Kneebone
                      Liam Kneebone Grade 3 Instructor

                      Liam joined the team in early 2018 and before that completed all his Flight Training at Bunbury Flying School. He is dedicated and committed to providing high quality Flight Training.

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