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Most people have dreamt at one point in their lives of becoming a pilot, whether it’s a dream of flying, the charming uniform, or the extended travel that comes with dozens of destinations when flying. If you’re finished with dreaming and are ready to step into the cockpit you’re going to need to choose your seat. There are several paths you can take when becoming a pilot and Bunbury Flying School provides a multitude of training programs to gain your wings.

Commercial pilots are the most sought-after as they require the most responsibility and training and offer the majority of current employment opportunities. However, many pilots find their wings in smaller aircraft as they progress through training. A Commercial Pilots Licence consists of a minimum 165 hours flying time over 42 weeks full-time encapsulating both theoretical, logistical and practical training, including frequent work within a flight simulator.

A Private Pilot Licence consists of a minimum 54 aircraft hours, 12 weeks of full-time combined practical and theoretical training. A Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is ideal for an experienced Recreational Pilot (RPL) who desires to enhance his or her qualification. This license enables you to fly in both controlled and non-controlled airspace within Australia, giving a wide range of options for travel.

A Recreational Pilot Licence will give you the knowledge, practical skills, experience and confidence to operate a light piston aeroplane by day in your local area and will take a minimum of 25 hours’ aircraft training time to complete.

Commitment, Patience and Faith

Commitment, patience and faith are the key to a successful pilot career. Some give up as they do not see the benefits at an early stage but with hard work and sacrifice you will obtain your wings and reward your determination. Study time and financial commitment can be demanding but the benefits out way the journeys hardships, as the freedom of flight and the realisation of following your dreams are some of the biggest rewards that come from becoming a pilot.

Risk & Threat Management

There are many risks associated with flight and your study will teach you how to identify, assess and manage them.  The highly qualified team of Instructors at Bunbury Flying School will help you to step into your new role, encourage your passion and experience the essence of flight. Contact us and together we will find your wings and get you ready for the next adventure.

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