How to Become a Commercial Pilot in Australia

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If you are a private pilot keen to take the next step in your aviation career then you have come to the right place! We can help you get there with our fully accredited Commercial Pilot training course, our course includes all the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to step up to a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL).

The Licences

The first thing to understand is the difference between a recreational licence, private licence, and commercial licence. As a Recreational Pilot, you can fly up to 25 nautical miles from your departure aerodrome after completing 25 hours of flight time (20 hours dual time, 5 hours solo). The next step to Private Pilot means you can fly anywhere in Australia and even through controlled airspace. Obtaining your RPL is the first step in our course to becoming accredited as a Commercial Pilot, where you can make flying your career after a total 42 weeks of course time in class and in the air.
Obtaining your CPL, officially known as a Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane), means you are ready to fly in command of a single engine aircraft and even start working towards something bigger. You may then wish to complete the Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating (MECIR) course which allows you to pilot a multi engine aircraft in nearly all weather conditions and fly through the clouds after completing another 15 weeks of training on top of your Commercial Pilot Licence.

What you can do with Commercial Pilot Training

Stepping up your licence to become a qualified commercial pilot means you can get paid to do what you love – fly! Commercial pilots are always sought after so it’s likely you will be able to find work soon after completing your CPL.
Our commercial pilot training consists of a minimum 165 hours flying time over 42 weeks of full time study, combining practical and theoretical training in to one all-encompassing course. This includes substantial time in a flight simulator. If you already hold a Private Pilot Licence we recognise your previous flying experience and the time is cut to 30 weeks. At the end, you will be ready to take to the skies with confidence and start working as a pilot.
For the next step in your development as a pilot you may want to start working towards your Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating) (MECIR) certification, which allows you to be in command of multi-engine aircraft.

What you need to apply

To qualify for commercial pilot training at Bunbury Flying School, you don’t need any previous flying experience at all as our course is designed to take you from having no experience right through to becoming a commercial pilot. If you already hold a licence we will recognise your previous flying experience and put you into our course at that point. Our Commercial Pilot Licence and multi engine instrument rating courses are eligible for VET Student loans (VSL), meaning if you qualify for the loan and meet our selection criteria you won’t have to pay for the course upfront but can start paying it back once you are working.
Applying for your CPL is very simple through the Bunbury Flying School website. Just click “Enrol Now” on the course pages to start the process, and if you have any questions about fees or start dates the easiest way to get answers is to give us a quick call. We look forward to helping you take your flying career to the next stage with Commercial Pilot training at Bunbury Flying School.

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