Benefits of Using Bunbury Flying School to Get a Recreational Pilot’s Licence

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The aviation industry is currently experiencing a boom: more and more people are pursuing their dreams of becoming pilots.

With many schools offering aviation courses, what sets Bunbury Flying School apart from the rest?

Our Training Philosophy

While passing examinations and meeting regulatory standards are important to our students and us, we believe that the true test of understanding the material is being able to employ that knowledge in a practical setting. Bunbury Flying School graduates are a product of this training philosophy, and go on to become highly-skilled professionals who adapt quickly, think critically, and go above and beyond.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) set out specific and detailed standards for all licence exams, whether the recreational, private, or commercial exams or any of the endorsement and ratings tests. Our integrated training courses include lectures on flight theory that will prepare our students not only for the CASA exams but their real-world applications as well.

Aviation Course Training Strategy

Our training strategy is designed for optimal and efficient learning. Our lessons use a ladder or building block approach, where each lesson sets the foundation for the next one. Students are then able to see how the principles of flying progress and come together as a whole, making for a more understandable and enriching learning experience.

Bunbury Flying School courses are built to help students master everything they need to know to confidently and safely handle an aircraft. If they’d like to pursue further learning, we also offer additional ratings and endorsements to add to their skillset. Some of the extra classes we offer outside of licencing include: Controlled Aerodome Endorsement, Controlled Airspace Endorsement, Tailwheel Design Feature Endorsement, Aerobatic Flight Activity Endorsement, and many more. Bunbury Flying School also trains future pilot instructors who want to pass on their knowledge and skills through the Instructor Rating programme.

Training Environment

145 kilometres south of Perth, the Bunbury Airport boasts low air traffic and a great view of the Western Australian coastline. The setup is perfect for early learners, who can safely launch their first flights without the worry, fear, stress, or distraction of a much busier training environment. We put a premium on making it easier for our students by providing an accommodation service. We hold classes seven days a week, setting aside schedules for both our full and part-time students.

Our fleet is dedicated to the use and training of students and pilots. We have well-maintained aircraft for basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of learning, including multi-engine ratings. Our courses make use of the Cessna 152, 172, and 182RG, but we also have a 6-seater Vulcanair P68C, the Chinese aerobatic warbird plane Nanchang CJ-6, and the Redbird MXC Flight Simulator for basic instrument flying and advanced navigation exercises. The latter is fully-approved by CASA.

Experience the Bunbury Flying School difference for yourself. Find out more about how you can become a top-notch pilot and contact us today.


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