What to See on Scenic Flights Around Bunbury

People get into flying for different reasons. Some are looking for a change in career, some for a new hobby or some are fascinated with machinery and marvel at the technicalities of it all. No [...]

Benefits of Using Bunbury Flying School to Get a Recreational Pilot’s Licence

The aviation industry is currently experiencing a boom: more and more people are pursuing their dreams of becoming pilots. With many schools offering aviation courses, what sets Bunbury Flying [...]

Drones Near Airfields: Public Safety Warning

Remote-controlled model aeroplanes have existed for some time, but these have been the domain of very serious enthusiasts due to the technical, precise and expensive nature of the devices. [...]

Thinking of Flying as a Hobby?

Have you ever seen an airplane take off, and wonder how did the pilot get into that seat? Watching the acceleration down the runway, the nose rises and hear the noise as plane shrinks away into [...]

How To Get A Recreational Pilot Licence

Flying is one of the most addictive activities you can undertake. We are fortunate enough to live in a time where flying has finally become not just a reality, but an everyday transport option. [...]

How to Become a Commercial Pilot in Australia

If you are a private pilot keen to take the next step in your aviation career then you have come to the right place! We can help you get there with our fully accredited Commercial Pilot training [...]

Tips for Your Private Pilot Course (PPL Theory)

Bunbury Flying School is the flight training division of Southern Aviation, and our recreational and commercial training courses are the best Western Australia has to offer. After years of [...]

Types of Pilot Certifications

At Bunbury Flying School we live and breathe aviation, which is why our students don’t just receive the bare minimum when it comes to training – they receive the very best Southern [...]

A Safe 2016 – From Pilot Lessons to Commercial Pilot Licence

It was another busy year here at Bunbury Flying School in 2016 and we’ve seen some pretty exciting changes with the introduction of our new integrated Diploma of Aviation – Commercial Pilot [...]

How to: Finance Your Pilot Lessons

Becoming a pilot can be a curious endeavour at first; your passion to fly can be grounded by the worry of the price tag associated. And while the path to becoming a pilot is paved with a few [...]

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