Why Now Is The Best Time To Become A Pilot In Australia

Aviation is a major industry that only grows with each passing year. This is especially true in recent years with major airlines offering cheaper fares, new routes, and more aircraft to expand [...]

3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Flight Academy

There are a few things as equally challenging and rewarding as being a pilot. You get to go on amazing aerial adventures, can travel across the world for work, and have a lot of incredible [...]

How to Stay Healthy as a Commercial Pilot

As much as we love to fly, everyone knows that the inside of an airplane is not somewhere humans are designed to be. The environment of a commercial airplane dries you out, the air pressure [...]

What Has Made Flying So Safe?

Although all of us have that little fear when we’re travelling by plane, air travel, in reality, is one of the safest ways of transportation nowadays. In fact, many studies show that recreational [...]

Why is Simulated Flying Becoming Part of Pilot Courses

Ever since airplanes were first invented, travelling to different places has been revolutionized. These huge machines allowed people to travel across vast lands and oceans in no time at all. [...]

Influential Female Commercial Pilots Throughout History

Everyone knows the name of the pilots responsible for the world’s first recorded flight in 1903. After the Wright brothers broke new ground, people from all walks of life were motivated, inspired [...]

How To Become A Pilot

Many people dream of being the captain in the cockpit. The thrill of adventure, the excitement of a new and unfamiliar location, the convenience of being able to fly anywhere, anytime—these are [...]

The Future of Aviation Courses: What Might You Be Learning in 50 Years?

The future is hard to visualise. And why should it not? In the lifespans of many people, society has seen the most ridiculous elements from science fiction become commonplace. Don’t believe it? [...]

Flight Academy 101 – Aircraft Anatomy

  Humans have spent thousands of years gazing at birds in flight, wistfully dreaming of a day that humans can join the elegant dance. In terms of humanity, we have only just cracked this [...]

Why Being a Commercial Pilot is a High Flying Job

Oh, to be a pilot, travelling the world. Wake up in Hong Kong, go to sleep in Singapore, then come home to the family. While working as a commercial pilot is not the easiest job in the world, it [...]

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