Why Being a Commercial Pilot is a High Flying Job

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Oh, to be a pilot, travelling the world. Wake up in Hong Kong, go to sleep in Singapore, then come home to the family. While working as a commercial pilot is not the easiest job in the world, it is rewarding and always changing. But to really appreciate the lifestyle, you should know about the benefits.

Love and benefits

Talk to an airline pilot for five minutes and you will get the impression they would fly the routes for free. Just the chance to get into the cockpit, lift off and take in that view is the most addictive pass-time there is. Not even mentioning that where you land can be anywhere from the depths of Asia, the cosmopolitan cities of Europe or the familiarity of Australia.

There are, however, even more perks that you perhaps haven’t heard about.

Perks of the job

Sick of looking at the same view from the office? Your day will begin and end at the airport. All the bustle and excitement building you up every morning, who even needs coffee?

As a commercial pilot, you will be bidding monthly for routes to fly. This is in competition against other pilots, so even if you bid the same places, you may wind up discovering the wonders of a destination you never thought to go. The pilot’s life is one of change, you never know where next month might take you!

The travel doesn’t just stop as you clock off. As a pilot for a major airline, you will be able to access deeply discounted tickets, unsold seats in the passenger cabin. You may even receive travel passes for family and friends.

Have to earn it

If you want the curvature of the Earth as your office view, or the vision of exploration appeals, here is how you earn it.

Training takes some years to complete. You will be made into an expert of geography, weather, avionics and the aircraft you are handling. By the time you are flying for Qantas, you will have mastered many aircraft sizes and engine types. If this sounds like a lot of work, it is! However, would you want to fly across the country with a pilot that was less than exceptional?

Handily, the time spent training will be some of the best of your life. Sure, it will be hard, but you will be in and around aircraft every day of the week.

Who Wouldn’t Want to Be a Commercial Pilot?

Some pilots get into flying for the perks, some for the feeling of exaltation as the plane lifts off and satisfaction as the plane safely lands. It doesn’t matter why you got your wings, all that matters is that you love your job, and as a pilot that is the likely conclusion.

If this is you, and you want to learn to fly, contact Bunbury Flying School today. Let us show you how great it is to be a pilot.

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