Trial Introductory Flights (TIFs)

A TIF is the perfect way to experience flight in a light aircraft for the first time.  This is recommended for those considering undertaking flight training.  Additionally, it makes an excellent once-in-a-lifetime experience; you may even find yourself hooked!

The experience will start with a short ground briefing explaining the basic flight controls and manoeuvres.  Your instructor will assist you with settling in to the aircraft before you take off and make your way over Bunbury.  Be sure to bring along your camera to capture the fantastic views.  Once airborne, your instructor will demonstrate how the flight controls work before handing over control to you.  You will be able to try the basic manoeuvres and get a feel for the aircraft.  The instructor will take over to bring you back to the airport and land.

Trial flights available from 30 minutes.


Adventure Flights

Bunbury Flying School offers the unique opportunity to fly a genuine warbird.  It is also ideal for some thrilling aerobatics.

A half-hour flight in the Nanchang is packed with adrenalin from the time you are strapped in.  You fly over the town to the coast, gaining several thousand feet in height along as you go.  Then the rolling, loops, stall turns and spins begin! You will experience sudden changes in direction along with positive and negative G forces that compete against gravity.

Adventure flights available from 30 minutes.

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