Learn to fly!

Flying is great fun and a wonderful experience, and our aim is to provide personalised and cost effective training in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We provide professional and individualised flight training where you will not be just another number.

As we are not a club there are no on-going membership fees and associated costs, but a strong and friendly social aspect is an important element of our School. Join us for a free BBQ any Friday around 5p.m or for a coffee any time on the weekend, when pilots and friends gather for a chat and get together. You will be most welcome.

Realise a dream: it’s fun, it’s affordable, and it won’t make you fat!

At Bunbury Flying School you can learn to fly for fun or a career. We offer flight training from student pilot level through to commercial level. It’s never too late to learn; we have students aged between 15 and 80 years of age.

To get you started why not try a Trial Instructional Flight (TIF). You sit in the pilot’s seat and take control of the aircraft with a fully qualified instructor sitting along side; priced from $96.

Individualised flight training

Ultimately the quality of flight training you receive is determined by the quality of your flight instructor. When you are selecting a flying school spend time talking to prospective instructors. You are going to be spending a lot of time in an aircraft with them and you need to feel completely comfortable.

Some people decide to fly once a week, others fly twice a day for five days a week, aiming to gain their licence in a minimum number of weeks. As such it is impossible to predict exactly how many hours it will take a student to gain a licence as this is determined by student aptitude, currency with flying, weather conditions and location.

At Bunbury Flying School our training area begins just to the North of the airport so there is no time wasted in flying to the training area, unlike some other schools.

It is important to bear in mind that rather than focusing on minimum hours in the initial stages of training one should aim to become a confident and proficient pilot to gain the most benefit out of a lifetime of flying enjoyment.

Happy and safe flying.

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