A Safe 2016 – From Pilot Lessons to Commercial Pilot Licence

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It was another busy year here at Bunbury Flying School in 2016 and we’ve seen some pretty exciting changes with the introduction of our new integrated Diploma of Aviation – Commercial Pilot Licence course which runs alongside all our other professional courses.

This new full-time course has been a popular option for young aspiring pilots who are looking to start their flying careers with professional pilot training of the highest standard with skills that will prepare and mentor them for take-off into the aviation industry, and, as we are the only aviation approved VET FEE HELP provider in Western Australia, the course is financially accessible to all those who are eligible.

In aviation, our primary focus above all else is safety. You’ve probably heard it said that flying is the safest mode of transport, well, it’s true! We take it very seriously too. We have learnt a great deal from aviation accidents around the world over the last 100 years of flight, it is what we have learnt that now ensures that accidents are prevented.

As pilots, we constantly practice emergency procedures for almost every possibility, even though the chance of an emergency ever happening is extremely unlikely. We test and re-test on a regular basis to ensure piloting knowledge and skills are current and are of the highest standard that is required in compliance with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Our wide fleet of Cessna, Piper, Partenavia, aerobatic and warbird aircraft are all stringently maintained by a team of qualified aircraft engineers. Our aircraft are inspected daily, before every single flight and receive compulsory maintenance at set intervals, even if they’re running like clockwork. All this adds to our safety focused culture that we insist upon.

In addition to welcoming our new students in 2016, we’ve also said good bye to all our students who have worked and studied hard throughout their training which has in turn provided them with real opportunities now that they have obtained their pilot licence.

We are very proud of our graduates in who are now working as pilots in various sectors of the industry and flying aircraft for operators such as Department of Fire & Emergency Services, sky diving, Scenic and Government charter, surveying, Aerial wildlife spotting and of course airlines.

Some of our graduates have even gone on to become flight instructors themselves, passing on their training, skills, and knowledge to our new students. It’s the start of a long rewarding professional flying career for all at Bunbury flying school.

Contact Bunbury Flying School today to start your aviation journey safely.

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