Thinking of Flying as a Hobby?

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Have you ever seen an airplane take off, and wonder how did the pilot get into that seat? Watching the acceleration down the runway, the nose rises and hear the noise as plane shrinks away into the sky, it all seems unobtainable. Flying is an activity that you know exists, but you might feel it isn’t a real option for you.

You may be pleasantly surprised.

Getting into flying as a hobby is much easier than people think. There are schools ready to teach, planes ready to rent and skies ready to explore. All you have to do is start.

Flying, the Best Hobby You Haven’t Tried Yet

Like much of the best experiences, nothing can prepare you for the freedom, pleasure and thrill of your first flight. At Bunbury Flying School, we constantly see first timers go up for their introduction flight, and come down completely convinced.

Have an introduction flight, let an instructor take you into the sky and hand over controls. After your first time in the air, should you want to learn to fly, we can help you qualify for your own Recreational Pilots Licence.

What Your Pilot’s License Allows You to Do

There are two levels of licences available to non-professional flight enthusiasts. A Recreational Pilot Licence and a Private Pilot Licence. Both permit you to fly in single engine aircraft, pilot solo, or bring a guest along for the ride (you can certify for more passengers at either level). More, both private licenses are built into the progression towards a Commercial Pilot Licence.

The biggest difference between grades is the range you are allowed to fly. A Recreational Licence means you will be taking off and landing at the same airport, perfectly fine if you want to drive home. A Private Pilot Licence permits you to travel point to point across Australian airspace. This is more for people who want to do trips, take the family away, or just want more freedom of destination.

How Does the Course Function?

All courses tie in to each other. For example, your Recreational Pilot Licence will be 60% of the course for your more advanced Private Pilot Licence. This means that if you aim for a lesser qualification, you can just put a bit more work in and upgrade your licence. A Private Licence represents Phase 1 of our Commercial Pilots Licence, so you can make a job of piloting if you fall in love with flying like we did.

All flying courses consist of ground school, teaching theory, and flight training, practice in the air. We base all our education, classroom, practical and examinations, at Bunbury Airport, and recommend that Recreational Licences take 5 weeks full-time to complete.

How Much Does a Pilot’s License Cost?

The most affordable option is the Recreational Pilot Licence, with course fees starting at $9,500.00 and Private Pilot Licence at $21,000.00. Do remember that each course counts towards a higher licence, so the prices might vary for additional training.

Flying is simply one of the greatest experiences that technology has made possible. Forget computers, phones and cars, if you want a hobby that is technical, thrilling, beautiful and truly special, call us at Bunbury Flying School today.

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