This course is designed to give you the operational capability required at entry level to the aviation industry as a commercial pilot on light piston aeroplanes.  As well as meeting the training requirements specified by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority), the course includes additional practical elements developed by the school in consultation with the user industry.  The course includes a Night VFR Rating, and is also tailored to meet as many of the requirements for the Instrument Rating (IR) as possible.

If  all flight training has been done at the Bunbury Flying School you will qualify for the CASA 150 hour syllabus. If you have completed external training you may need to complete the 200 hour syllabus.  

Flying Training

The course is planned on a minimum total of 165 hours for a full-time integrated programme.  For students with previous experience, a specific programme is designed to ensure the goals of the course are achieved and regulatory requirements met.

Ab-initio training is conducted in a C152.  Once basic handling skills are mastered, you will progress to a C172 for navigation and intermediate training, including a NVFR rating.  Advanced training is conducted on a C182RG, on which you will obtain a MPPU (Manual Pitch Propeller Control, or Constant Speed Unit) and Retractable Gear endorsements.

Navigation training progresses from uncontrolled airspace primarily in south-west WA to Class D controlled airspace at Jandakot Airport and Class C controlled airspace Perth International Airport.  A solo long navigation exercise to a destination such as Adelaide, simulating charter in a light aircraft, is included to develop real-world flight management skills.

Basic instrument flying training is introduced in the Redbird MCX Flight Simulator.

The Commercial Pilot Licence flight test is conducted on the C1852RG.

Theoretical Training

Theoretical knowledge training in the form of lectures and flight briefings is integrated with the practical training throughout the course.

During basic training (up to PPL level), theory is integrated with flying training on a daily basis.  For those unable to attend a full-time ground school, a significant amount of self-study is required. Additional ground school is provided prior to sitting the PPL theory exam, which is undertaken at Bunbury Flying School.

The full time CPL ground school consists of seven 1-week periods, each focusing on an individual CPL subject (Aerodynamics, Aircraft General Knowledge, Human Factors, Law, Navigation, Performance and Meteorology).  After a week’s revision the corresponding exam is undertaken in Perth.  Ground school weeks alternate with flying weeks to complete the CPL ground school over a total of 14 weeks.

Delivery mode

Full or part-time

Course duration

Minimum of 32 weeks

Entry Requirements
  • Class 1 Aviation Medical
  • Of an age to be 18 years old by completion of the course

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