This course is designed to give you the operational capability to function in the IFR system on a limited basis as a means of safely navigating en-route when conditions do not meet those for VFR.  The departure and arrival segments are VFR.  Additional competencies e.g. instrument departures, arrivals and approaches can be added to the PIFR as you go along.

Flying Training

The course is planned to achieve a minimum of 22 hours of instrument flying, of which 7 are on a Redbird MCX synthetic trainer and 15 on a C172.

Theoretical Training

The IREX ground school can be included as a full-time module (3 weeks duration) completed at the start of the course, or the client can also elect to self-study the theory.  The IREX is undertaken in Perth prior to commencing flight training.
Once flight training has commenced, theory training takes the form of briefings prior to simulator or flight lessons.

Delivery mode

Full time or part time
Note: if the IREX ground school is undertaken at BFS, this component must be completed on a full time basis.

Course duration

13 weeks full time

Entry Requirements
  • PPL or higher
  • NVFR Rating

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