This course is designed to give you the knowledge, practical skills, experience and confidence to operate a light piston aeroplane by day in your local area (not more than 25 nm from the airport).
There is the option to add various endorsements, such as navigation or controlled airspace, as you gain experience.  The RPL provides a simple way to take family and friends for joy flights in the local area.
The RPL course makes up the first 2 of 3 stages in the PPL course, so if you decided to complete the PPL you could do so without complication.

Flying Training

The course is planned on a minimum total of 28 in a C152 hours. The Cross Country Endorsement is conducted on a C172, and if required, this module can include Controlled Aerodrome and Controlled Airspace Endorsements.

Theoretical Training

Theory is integrated with flying training throughout the course.  This takes the form of a ground briefings prior to each flight, explaining the principles relevant to the day’s flight.  The RPL Examination is completed at Bunbury Flying School

Delivery mode

Full time or part time

Course duration

5 weeks full time

Entry Requirements
  • RPL Aviation Medical (RAMPC) or Class 2 Medical
  • Note: RAMPC medical restricts pilot to carrying 1 passenger.  Class 2 medical enables the pilot to carry more than 1 passenger.
  • Of an age to be 16 years old by completion of the course
  • Be able to communicate effectively in English

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