Bunbury Flying School provides integrated and modular theory training for all CASA subjects.  We cater for students that wish to complete their theory studies part-time or full-time either in house or on a distance learning basis.  Our informative ground training programs have been designed so that you easily master all of the information you will need to pass the CASA exams with confidence.

We supply all the necessary study materials and equipment and have a library of in-house practice tests that closely replicate the CASA examinations.  Our ground theory instructors are experienced commercial pilots and monitor regulatory updates ensuring that the theory we teach is the most recent and up to date.

Our theory courses include:
  • Recreational Pilot Licence (1 week full-time)
  • Private Pilots Licence (2 weeks full-time)
  • Commercial Pilots Licence (8 weeks full-time)
  • IREX (3 weeks full-time)
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