What to See on Scenic Flights Around Bunbury

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People get into flying for different reasons. Some are looking for a change in career, some for a new hobby or some are fascinated with machinery and marvel at the technicalities of it all. No matter what got them into flying, all agree that the view of the world from the cabin is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

The View is the Best Part

We are visual creatures. We love nothing more than beauty in our day to day lives. Why else would we collect art, posters, tidy our gardens or take photos of our coffee every morning? We communicate best through our eyesight, and nothing compares to the joy of seeing something from a new perspective.

Flying is a thrilling, technical, and demanding job. But once you are up and can look out of your window, it doesn’t matter. The view is what matters in that moment, and all other cares and the realities of life melt away.


W.A. is blessed with a long, beautiful coastline. What better way to experience our white sands and clear blue waters stretching to the horizon than by taking a scenic flight along our pristine coast. Find the land marks, watch the waves, spot the surf breaks and if you are lucky, see a pod of whales migrating.

There are few pleasures that compare with taking a flight with Bunbury Flying School on a crisp, clear winter’s morning and appreciating one of the world’s greatest stretches of coast from a new perspective.

Wellington National Park

Maybe the coast isn’t your dream. From Bunbury, you can always explore east and change your viewpoint of the Wellington State Forest. A personal favourite of our instructors is taking the forest tour during spring.

You leave Bunbury with a glance at the coast, then bank east across farmland bright with wildflowers and rigid boundary lines. When you climb the Darling Scarp, you spot the bauxite mine’s exposed red earth, head south along the Wellington Reservoir’s untouched forest surrounds, and finally head home with a horizon to horizon view of the Indian Ocean.

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

Or maybe you want to gaze at human constructions within the intact Cape Naturalist Bushland. Fly south along the coast and follow the line of Geographe Bay, spotting the full length of Busselton Jetty, and all the small towns along the beach. Then you come to the Cape, find the lighthouse and head southwards at one of W.A.’s most famous tourist spots. Finally, you head home with the unbeatable scene with the Indian ocean on the left and the great Australian outdoors on the right.

It doesn’t matter who you are, why you like to fly, or how long you have had your wings, there is nothing quite like seeing your home from a new perspective. If you are looking for a new hobby, career or just want to get a new perspective on W.A., call Bunbury Flying School today and let our highly qualified instructors take you out on one of the best joy ride you will ever have.

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