Bunbury Flying School

As the flight training division of Southern Aviation, Bunbury Flying School offers part and full-time classes for both private and commercial pilot licences. We are located along the scenic coastline of Western Australia and operate seven days a week.

Here at Bunbury Flying School, we offer a variety of training courses which will help you get the pilot licence you need.

Recreational Pilot Licence

Perfect for people who want to take their family and friends out on the occasional local day trip, this 5-week course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to fly a light, single-engine aeroplane on your own. Get into recreational flying with a minimum of just 28 hours in a C152, and fly solo into nearby airports with a Cross Country Endorsement on a C172. You can also earn Controlled Aerodrome and Controlled Airspace Endorsements as well.

The course includes ground briefings on flight theory and knowledge, which will guide you in each day’s flight. Since the course comprises the first part of the private pilot licence training, interested students can further their learning easily. All classes are conducted at the Bunbury office.


Private Pilot Licence

With a combination of theoretical and practical training, flying across the country is within your reach. A private pilot licence allows you to travel to any airport in Australia solo or with passengers. The integrated PPL course sees you in the cockpit for at least 54 hours; basic training is conducted in a C152, while navigation and intermediate lessons are conducted in a C172. The course will take you through both uncontrolled and controlled airspace as you progress through the training.

Both part and full-time students will be equipped with the theoretical flight training to supplement their hands-on aircraft experience through ground school, flight briefings, and self-study. PPL training covers Phase 1 of the Commercial Pilot certificate, so you can just continue on the course to get a higher-level licence.

Commercial Pilot Licence

Start your lucrative career as a pilot at Bunbury Flying School. Our fully-integrated programme is specially designed to produce capable commercial pilots who meet the standards of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. In 42 weeks and 175 flying hours, you can get your CPL and a Night VFR Rating. You’ll also meet some of the requirements of the Instrument Rating. Advanced training on a C182RG will earn you an additional MPPU and Retractable Gear Endorsement.

Not only will you go through both uncontrolled and controlled airspace, but you will also develop real flight management skills through a solo overnight long navigation flight. Full-time students can expect our instructors to conduct relevant theoretical lectures in ground school, such as Aerodynamics, Law, Navigation, and much more.


Why Choose Bunbury Flying School To Learn How To

Become A Pilot?

Our unique training philosophy is what makes us the best commercial and recreational flight training school in Western Australia: we aim to produce pilots who not only meet flight test standards, but who are also confident, qualified, and experts in their field.

We structured our training courses so that each lesson builds on the last so that our students can incorporate and apply what they’ve learned. Flight hours are alternated with theoretical lectures for the most productive and holistic education.

The training area is easily accessible from the Bunbury Airport, a low-traffic airport that has the ideal conditions for student pilots to learn how to fly safely and confidently. Other nearby centers have the facilities and resources to assist with advanced training and skills development.

Interested in becoming a pilot? Contact us today and learn from one of WA’s best.

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